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What are the costs & requirements for SSL?

SSL Certificates are a security level for websites that typically employ some use of e-commerce or hold sensitive data. Utilizing SSL on your website allows you to ensure the connection between your website and the end user is encrypted (secure) and also provides the user a visual aid (typically a 'yellow lock' or 'green bar') showing the end user that your site is both verified, secure and safe.

SSL Certificates need a dedicated IP address and therefore require that your hosted package with us is the 'Business' package or higher. You can upgrade your package as necessary at any time.

  1. Link : Webhosting Packages

Purchasing a Cert (Optional)

If you would like a one-stop solution, you can purchase a certificate directly through us. Our certificates are backed by GoDaddy, and include paperwork assistance & installation.

  1. Cost:     $85.00/year (Includes Installation)
  2. Available in DV, OV and EV SSL (EV turns the bar green)
  3. As of Nov 2017, SSL Certs boost your Google rankings
  4. SHA-2 and 2048-Bit Encryption (strongest on market)

Note: Prices are current as of Nov 2017, and are subject to change. All pricing is confirmed before purchase.